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Eye Treatments

At Newton Optometry Clinic, we offer a comprehensive range of eye treatments to complement our examination and fitting services. Your optometrists should be the first person you call when issues arise. They can help to diagnose whether your discomfort is caused by an infection, like pink eye, or is caused by other factors such as sore eyes, dry eyes or allergies. Some of the most common treatments we provide include:

  • Treatment and diagnosis of ocular infections including prescriptions
  • Dry eye treatment and diagnosis
  • Sore eye treatment and diagnosis
  • Blepharitis care
  • Treatments for allergy relief

If you would like to enquire further about our treatment services, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Schedule an Eye Exam for Your Family

An eye exam determines why your eye soreness, irritation, or diminished vision occurs and enables us to develop the right treatments to fix it. We will assess your eyes and determine if you need a new prescription or a more complex treatment. We accept direct billing from many insurance carriers so that you can cover your treatments within your budget. If it turns out you need a new prescription, we offer a wide selection of industry-leading frames and lenses, including Nikon, MiyoSmart, and more.

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